About Me


I'm Jorge E. Cardona from MedellĂ­n, Colombia, but currently living in Coral Gables, FL where I'm doing my PhD in Mathematics in the university of Miami, I'm going to start the third year the next August.

I'm also a passionate programmer mainly in Python, with knowledge in infrastructure, scientific tools, literature and politics, also in "cloud", "internet of things", and more buzz words.

I have been involved in this two projects lately:

  • Ubidots: Which is a platform to collect information from wireless sensor networks and built applications on top of it. We have some of the biggest hospital as customers in Colombia and also Oil Companies. The whole site and platform is getting a polished and is going to be launched in this Summer, so, visit http://www.ubidots.com to check the future of IoT.

  • Barista: (formerly called Nuage): Based on the experience of Nuage I want to build a system based on services and the relation between them to let you deploy any app in seconds, just think in the services you need and create them. The page is pretty much in beta: www.baristacloud.com