Some of Puppet

I have been using Puppet for a while, and there are some aspects about it that I just can’t understand:

  • Why if I want to create a directory I need a file with “ensure”: directory, been a directory is not part of the nature of the “file”, why just don’t use a directory type?.

  • I’m not an expert, but I have been in contact with several declarative languages in my life, and basically puppet is one if it, combined with some events handling, which is great to describe globally a big system, but it fails for the little things in which is needed a more step-by-step configuration, there is an exec type which let us do this, but maybe I’m using bad puppet, but some of my files have 40% of this execs, which make me thing if using only fabric would be possible to do the same.

  • What I hate most of puppet is to not be able to call it from program I hate to used system calls inside my programs to apply puppet.

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