Python Dependencies

If you have used Python in a while and tried to create a bunch of packages to interact installing packages with pip from git, svn, hg repos, using projects in tar.gz files on the web, you probably feel, like me, that something is missing in Python.

  • pip frezee command does not collect information of how to get the packages only versions, and is useless if you have requirements in git or any repo.

  • install_requires neither understand packages on git or other sources, just the pypi repo, if I have some internal dependency that doesn’t want to upload to pypi I will have to set up my own pypi servers and point to it at the installation moment.

  • setuptools documentation is really hard to read, after almost 4 hours I realized what is correct way to use namespaces, a simple example would be great.

I think that my mind would be have some peace if there were and standard way to declare packages dependencies for the requirements file for pip, the easy_install command, and the install_requires commands on