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Since the begining of this semester three of my friends in school were playing draw something almost all days, recently this game was selled to Zynga for $210 million ($180 million in cash).

And almost two years ago, Heroku was selled to Salesforce for $212 million in cash. “Just” 2 million in diference but a lot in work done for heroku in almost three years before and OMGPOP injust two months.

From my point of view there must be something really upside down if this two products are valuated with the same amount of money, is not that Draw something is a bad app, is really a good app, the thing is that both are great quality products and Heroku has shown how great it is as a company, also, in the last month draw something has lost a lot of users.

Even when Zynga can turn draw something into a more bigger success as it has shown it the past, it remaind me this, five years later but I’m still think about this: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>