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Test for Latex

Let $\phi \in H^s(\mathbb{T})$. The Cauchy problem for



I have been trying to understand how is that juju works, and I have found errors in any single instruction at the official howto, at the end I got a system w...



He crecido toda mi vida escuchando historias de las guerrillas, tenemos en Colombia una de las guerrillas mas longevas de la tierra. He escuchado tambien muc...


Leo noticias de Colombia al menos cada dos horas en distintos periódicos en linea. Y sufro de infartos al menos cada dos horas al día.

San Andrés y La Haya.

En el siglo 19 las personas morian de enfermedades hoy curables, no habian tantos paises como hoy, y a algunos les dio por creer que las fronteras eran para ...

Following LXC

I will try to follow LXC code to check how is actually running the container. This is more like a personal exercise to understand all the deal with capabilit...


There is nothing interesting in this post just some personal ideas to not leave them in the back of my brain.

Procesos de paz

En estos momentos en que todos los medios hablan de un gran proceso de negociación en tierras noruegas se me viene a la cabeza un pequeño fragmento de “El li...

Some ideas for espresso

I have two nice ideas for espresso after read this post of Ian Bicking: A Python Web Application Package and Format (we should make one).

Adding an option to fstab using augeas

Augeas is one of the best things I have discover just this year, and I found a tiny chance to write a mini post about adding an option to an already existing...

Celery, sentry and tastypie.

I want to have a better way to handle errors in python using celery as the way to send errors, it seems obvious to think in sentry for this job, but apparent...

Draw something and Heroku

Since the begining of this semester three of my friends in school were playing draw something almost all days, recently this game was selled to Zynga for $21...

A wall to jump

I have been following the technology business for almost 5 years now, since I started to work in this field, and it seems to me like really hard to write a s...

I like espresso

Well, I’m starting to hate to much puppet as the tool to manage the configuration of my servers, I would like to replace it with some light tool that can mak...

Some of Puppet

I have been using Puppet for a while, and there are some aspects about it that I just can’t understand:

A little bit of LVM

I need to learn how to use LVM and I just want to write some summary here.

Python Dependencies

If you have used Python in a while and tried to create a bunch of packages to interact installing packages with pip from git, svn, hg repos, using projects i...


La Lengua Española

“Que buen idioma el mío, qué buena lengua heredamos de los conquistadores torvos..Éstos andaban a zancadas por las tremendas cordilleras, por las Américas en...