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I have been thinking about espresso recently and this are my conclusion:

  • There is a balance in configuration management between scripts and descriptions that need to be solved.

  • Descriptions are good to solve part of the problem but once the description turn into an spaghetti a script can help a lot.

  • Readability counts. This is part of the balance if a description is hard to read maybe it means that is moment to flush something in a script.

Given this I have added a Stage class to espresso, in this way we can unify all the basic components in stages. Inside stages there is no real descriptions. but each stage can be thougth as a descriptive unit.

A command is also added to run (enforce) the stages:

espresso -S stages --run=prepare

I still want to look deeper in the description-script relation since the stages can tend to be too much code, in this way I will try to use the current helper module to derive a more extensible plugins module with descriptive capabilities like signaling and relations between them.

Current version of espresso can be found at: